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We loved your show! You were so professional and had everything you needed for a fun “Night at the Circus”
I have heard many compliments about your performance and we hope to have you again next year! Thank you!!!
Melissa Sanchez, Communications Coordinator - Lakeland Association of REALTORS®

“…  Our audience was simply enthralled by Heidi and her dancing horse, Lady Dancer.  It was such a pleasure to be able to watch a true professional at work.   Her trick horse, Lucky Star, filled everyone's day with joy and laughter. Heidi is not only a master of the ring, but also a master in the art of entertainment.  At every turn, she demonstrated her ability to bring the audience, both young and old, into her act and share the connection she has with her partners in the arena. Heidi has a gift that only a handful of people could ever experience - the gift of being a beautiful showman as well as an accomplished horsewoman. Naturally, Heidi gained several fans throughout her performance weekend, and it was wonderful to witness her greet every visitor with poise and sincerity. We received numerous compliments on Heidi Herriott's performance, and hope this will be an annual event for the Kentucky Horse Park's "Horses of the World" Presentation.”
Kelli Mardell, Entertainment Director – Kentucky Horse Park

“Heidi Herriott is a true professional. She is a pleasure to work with, doing what is asked of her and even more! Heidi and her horses added a wonderful dimension to our equine event!”
Kathy Freidel, Event Coordinator - Midwest Horse Fair® 

“The performance (at Holiday Horsefest) was wonderful!!! We were very pleased and will certainly discuss options for working together in the future…”
Vaneli Bojkova  - Special Events    Equestrian Sport Productions, LLC

“The Manatee County Fair would like to thank you and Lucky Star for appearing at our fair in January. Lucky Star put on quite a show during your time here! We had several fairgoers stop by the fair office and compliment your show and some wanted to know where you were after you were gone. Thanks again for all of your hard work at our fair this year.”
Daniel West, Manatee Co. Fair President

“The show comes alive when Heidi Herriott is performing.  What a pleasure it has been to present Heidi and her big and little horse act at Circus World during the 2011 summer season.  Our audiences sat mesmerized by her dancing High School horse Lady Dancer and loved watching her work alongside that endearing miniature horse, Lucky Star.  Heidi’s every move, from the opening production number thru the grand finale, demonstrates the finesse of a seasoned professional.  We also discovered that the stand alone Lucky Star Showcase was a big hit with young and old as they watched Heidi work in concert with this highly educated and spunky trick miniature horse.  Heidi is always willing to make herself generally useful whenever a situation would arise and she quickly won the admiration of her fellow artists.  Ms. Herriott’s talent, presence and poise are truly remarkable and we look forward to working with her again in 2012.”
Dave Salutos,  Entertainment Manager – Circus World Museum    Baraboo, WI

“Heidi Herriott’s HORSES GOT TALENT TOO show was a great show enjoyed by all ages. Professional all the way!  Heidi does a wonderful job with the media, too!”
TOM UMIKER - Former Executive Director Florida State Fair; Manager Greater Hillsborough County Fair

“I have worked with Heidi and have seen the quality she brings to not only Great performances, but training, teaching and entertaining all ages. I would recommend Heidi Herriott for any Equine Venue. I have also filmed and interviewed Heidi and she is extremely professional!”
Wayne Williams, Founder - Speaking of Horses TV

“A member of one of America's premiere circus families, Heidi Herriott is one of the most talented performers in the circus world. I've watched her work from the wings and from the audience and whether she is presenting her beautiful animals, presenting others as ringmistress or speaking to groups about the circus, she is always the consummate professional. She adds a tremendous amout of class to any program and it's always a pleasure to be on the same show with her!”
Barry Phillips, Lab Specialist: Show Light Engineering, Full Sail University  

“Since 1986 I have had the opportunity to know Heidi Herriott, both as a colleague as well as from the perspective of an audience member. I would describe Heidi as a stunning performer... an enthralling speaker... and an impressive ringmaster: a consummate professional in every regard.”
Bob Collins,Owner - Sarasota's Big Top Tours 

“…Heidi Herriot presented a very impressive display of dressage aboard her horse Lady Dancer. All of the horse’s moves were strong and confidently presented with little visible effort from the rider…  Herriott concluded her fine presentation by riding without reins as her mount jumped over a garland hoop and small hurdles, a very strong finish.”
Ernest Albrecht, Editor - Spectacle Magazine March 2012

“We were at Circus World in Baraboo WI, and we saw the shows presented with Heidi and the complete circus performers last week.  It was wonderful.   My 7 year old daughter Abbagail was so happy and excited after the acts she saw, she talks about it all the time. I spent 9 days in the the Dells and it was the best day we had. Abbagail got to pet Lucky Star and meet all the performers after the show … Heidi and the performers including her daughter were fantastic and the Baraboo Circus World was great. My daughter asked as soon as we came home to look up Lucky Star. It will be a day we will never forget, THANK YOU all at the Circus World for making a day in my daughters and my life we will cherish for ever!”
Brianna Thomas – Circus World visitor (via Facebook)

“…Heidi did an exceptional job with her performance, keeping the audience well entertained and engaged. The audience loved the show and interacted very well with both Heidi herself and her multitude of "performers". People of all ages attended the evening performance and everyone had a great time. What sets her apart from other performers is the fact that her act is innovative and unique. Her act was humorous and contained things that we had never imagined, let alone seen before. She has a fresh approach to the type of "acts" we normally see performed. We would not hesitate to recommend Heidi Herriot to other organizations. Her evening performance was fun, but also very professional and we would be happy to have her return.”
Warren Mather, Vice President – All American Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Show Alliance

“Heidi and her horses are a prime example of the bonding between women and horses! A true horsewomen who can entertain any level of horse enthusiasts. We were so proud to have Heidi and her wonderful horses and entertainment at Women Luv Horses event, April 2009. We look forward to work with her many more times in the future!”
Lynn Palm, Palm Partnership Training 

“Dear Heidi: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in our annual Parrish Heritage Day Parade and Festival. As Chairman of this event, I'm sure you can understand how stress-filled I was last Saturday with all the details I had to work out. Having never met you or Lucky Star, I wasn't sure what to expect. As soon as I saw you, somehow I was instantly at ease. You obviously knew exactly what you were doing and weren't the least bit concerned with conditions or set up. You found a way to work right in and around the other performers without a moment’s hesitation. You and Lucky Star were the highlight of the afternoon. I was truly amazed at Lucky Star's abilities and calm nature. The show was concise, well preformed, just the right length, and neither one of you seemed to mind the hot dry day, when the rest of us were sweating in the heat. I would not hesitate to hire you for future events.”
Tami Vaughan - Parrish Civic Association


"You have a true winner with this horse. I could not believe how perfect the execution was at the 2nd performance of Showfolks Circus. A true delight to watch. Congratulations! APPLAUSE"
Peter Rosa – Big Band Trumpet Artist 

“Just wanted to say again how much I LOVED the show tonight at the N. Florida Fair. It was wonderful. I love all the moves you and your horse did, they were so beautiful. The partnership and bond you have with your horse was almost magical… Good luck on your performances tomorrow!”
Christine Chaloupka - FSU College Student 

"To my delight the show started with ringmistress Heidi Herriott, riding in to the single ring, welcoming all to the circus, as only she can do. What followed was her high school drill on her beautiful horse. A Herriott family tradition, well done and well received by the full house…"
Dan McGinnis, Circus Fans of America Tent President - Circus Report - Sept. 2010 

"Heidi did an outstanding job Sat. evening at the Ringling Museum Circus Celebrity Night.......Thank You Heidi! Wonderful lady with a wonderful family...."
Dave Orr – Entertainment Booking – January 2011 

"Showmanship runs in your veins, beauty is your middle name and your last name holds the highest respect in the business…"
Cynthia Hackett – Entertainment Professional 

“Heidi Herriott is an outstanding circus performer, animal trainer and ring mistress. She is an accomplished horsewoman and in her spare time, is a ring mistress for circuses at fairs and shrine events across the country…”
Eastern States Exposition – Springfield, MA     www.thebige.com

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