About Heidi Herriott

Heidi Herriott
Trick, Liberty and Dancing Horse Trailer
Third Generation Horse Expert and Entertainer


Heidi Herriott is a multi-talented horsewoman who has traveled the Americas as a professional horse trainer, clinician and entertainer. Her specialties include trick horse, liberty, and dancing horse training. In addition to training and performing with her horses, Heidi facilitates clinics, seminars and demonstrations exhibiting and teaching new techniques, a wide array of tricks, horsemanship, and more all designed for horse lovers to get the most from their relationship with their horses.
Heidi is proud to be a third generation entertainer, horse trainer and horse lover! She and her horses perform over 300 shows annually and travel across the USA approximately 20,000 miles per year. Her family’s successful training method provides consistent, one-of-a-kind, stellar performances show after show. Now she is passing on the family’s time-tested, proven training methods to others who are eager to enhance their and their horse’s training repertoire. She hosts an innovative online trick horse training program called HorseTrix. As a trick horse clinician, Heidi works with novices to experienced clients. Her methods are easy to understand, friendly, safe, fun and inspirational!

Some of her career highlights include: Animal Planet’s Pet Star, Walt Disney World, Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, NC State Championship Horse Show, Woman Luv Horses, Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre, Circus World Museum, Six Flags Parks, multiple state and county fairs, rodeos, horse shows and more. She has worked with Tom Turvey, Lynn Palm and Clinton Anderson among others.

Heidi has also represented the animal and fair industry as a Manager for trade associations. While in those roles, she served as the national industry advocate, spokesperson and industry liaison to state and federal agencies including the USDA. Her vast on-air credits include the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, Fox, MSNBC, and the O’Reilly Factor. She is a requested convention speaker nationwide on topics including Exhibited Animals, and Animal Welfare. Over the past few years, she has also served as a co-host of two local TV shows in Florida.

FaceBook_128x128Heidi is based out of Wisconsin during the summer and Sarasota, Florida during the winter or when not on tour. To book a performance, clinic, demonstration or just learn more about Heidi and her horses, go to www.heidiherriott.com


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